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A custom name tag lets people know how to address you, helps customers find you in a crowd and portrays a sense of professionalism. At the organizational level, they can help create a cohesive atmosphere, whether or not staff members are wearing uniforms. Custom-engraved name tags with pins provide benefits for teams and individuals in industries such as health care, education, real estate and more.


Options for customization

These custom name tags come can be printed with multiple color combinations ranging from simple black text to elegant full colors. You can also select your own font options to create a name tag that matches your business's aesthetic.

Durable materials

Manufacture from the highest quality material, these tags will stand up to your daily wear while remaining vibrant and easy to read.

Convenient backside attachment

The attachment allows you to secure your name badge to almost any article of clothing, even thicker pieces like coats. The pins come attached to the back of the badge near the top edge, which helps keep your name tag in a readable position.

We can also offer a Premade design, or you can send us your design, and let's work on it.


Customized Name Badge in UAE

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